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Re: [dm-devel] device-mapper mirror module (dm-raid)

dm-devel-bounces redhat com wrote on 13.04.2007 11:49:07:

> 1. Is recovery here really necessary ?
> Every time when a bio is written to a mirrred target, mirror driver 
> will queue 
> this io to the write bio_list whthin the mirror_set, finally a kcopyd 
will be 
> invoke to write this bio to all mirrored device. Is the flow correct? 

AFAIK, thats wrong. Write creates and submits one write bio for each 
mirror target.
Kcopyd won't be used, except for recovery (currently startup only if I 

> But... there are nothing doing in  the write callback function 
> (write_callback).... right ?
> So in the current version, we won't have any regions that is needed 
> to be recovered.
Starting any I/O within a region will mark this as dirty. If all I/O on a 
completed sucessfully it will be set in-sync again. Haven't looked at that 
but it was a bit hidden since write_callback didn't do all the work. Parts 
of it
were done in the common end_io function of the target.

> ---------------------------------------------------------------- 
> 2. Should we put all read action into the read bio_list of the 
mirror_set ?
> In mirror_map.... should we put all read requests into the read 
> bio_list of the 
> mirror_set after check the return value from log->type->in_sync(), since 

> do_read() method does the same thing and it will be invoke when a 
> is invoke? Or shoulwe d move all read actions including the checking 
> (in mirror_map) to the do_read() function ?
> ---------------------------------------------------------------- 
IMHO better move all to the read bio_list. So the mapping completes sooner 
the balancing and possible retries could be done in one place.


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