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Re: [dm-devel] [RFC] Naming of dm-multipath hardware handler modules

Dave Wysochanski wrote:
Do we have an agreed upon scheme?

I noticed in 2.6.23-rc1, the RDAC module is named "dm-mpath-rdac.ko",
but the source file is "dm-rdac.c".  Should we be naming things

Are you sure about that? In linus's tree it is named dm-mpath-rdac.c. The module that is created is named dm-rdac.ko.

"dm-mpath-hwhname" everywhere?  If so, should we rename dm-emc?

I was not sure exactly what was correct for the HP handler.  Currently
it follows the dm-emc scheme, which is probably wrong.

Alasdair, initially wanted the modules and file names to have dm-mpath prefixes, but userspace for emc is already passing in "emc" and dm_get_hw_handler does request_module("dm-%s", name) and __find_hw_handler_type does strcmp(name, hwhi->hwht.name).

So we ended up doing a partial conversion leaving userspace alone, but changing the filenames to what Alasdair wanted. So rdac got the source filename dm-mpath-rdac.c, but its module gets the name dm-rdac.ko.

So yeah, I forgot about that in the review, and instead of

obj-$(CONFIG_DM_MULTIPATH_HP)	+= dm-hp-sw.o

you should do

dm-hw-objs	:= dm-mpath-hw.o


obj-$(CONFIG_DM_MULTIPATH_HP_SW) += dm-hp-sw.o

In the Makefile, and the source filename for should be dm-mpath-hp-sw.c.

And dm-emc.c should probably be changed, although we could probably do it after the logical unit follow-over cap patch is cleaned up and merged.

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