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RE: [dm-devel] Segmentation Fault Question

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>Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2007 2:41 PM
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>Subject: Re: [dm-devel] Segmentation Fault Question
>"Wood, Brian J" <brian j wood intel com> writes:
>> Hello everyone, I think I've found an issue in libdevmapper-event.c
>> is generating a segmentation fault condition for me during some
>> testing. I wanted to get some advice on how the patch I'm going to
>> should fix this. Here's the snippet that leads to the segfault:
>Hi. Great that someone is giving a run to this part of the API...
>> In the file libdevmapper-event.c at line 722 the _get_device_info()
>> can return NULL to dmt on failure. This causes the leap to the "fail"
>> label where the null pointer is passed into dm_task_destroy().
>Good catch, yes, i have overlooked that problem, blindly assuming
>free() semantics (ie, NULL pointers accepted). Also, since the first
>instance of _get_device_info(...) failure is handled by return 0, i
>may have assumed that it's always valid at that point. There's even
>more bogosity in the code, looking at it now, since there's a call to
>dm_task_destroy(dmt); on line 708 and a possible goto fail after that,
>which calls dm_task_destroy twice on the same pointer (which looks
>like a bad thing). I have commited a fix to cvs, please update -- i
>think it fixes the problem, but i only tried to compile it, not to
>reproduce. If you encounter any further problems with this, please
>>       fail:
>> 	if (msg.data)
>> 		dm_free(msg.data);
>> 	if (reply_dso)
>> 		dm_free(reply_dso);
>> 	if (reply_uuid)
>> 		dm_free(reply_uuid);
>> 	_dm_event_handler_clear_dev_info(dmevh);
>> 	dm_task_destroy(dmt);
>> My question is should the patch insert a test condition of the
>> before using it in the "for" loop (which is where I want to put the
>> fix)? Or is there another preferred way the maintainers of
>> would like to handle error checking in this case?
>I'd say fixing the caller is good enough. Although making
>dm_task_destroy return silently if it gets a NULL pointer would be an
>option, too. I'll let that decision to someone else though :-).
>Yours, Peter.
>PS: I haven't forgotten about your other report, i've gotten it marked
>as TODO, somehow i managed to not fix it yet. Soon...

Is that the UUID issue I sent in a while back? About how I can't
register dmraid devices since they aren't being given a UUID...I hope so
I thought everyone forgot about me. :-P

Thanks again, I'll pull down the latest from CVS and give that change a

Brian Wood
Intel Corporation 
Digital Enterprise Group
Manageability & Platform Software Division
brian j wood intel com

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