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Re: [dm-devel] Designing a new prio_callout

Ethan John wrote:
> Is it possible to manually set the priority of a path after a connection has
> been established?
> Since we're doing failover-only (only 1 active path at a time), it would be
> nice to tell users that they can manually reset priority after a failure.
> For example, in a configuration with two paths, where one is active and the
> other is passive for two differeent volumes, a failure of one path will
> result in all traffic going through the one remaining path. After the second
> path comes back up, all traffic will still be written to the first path
> (paths are not rebalanced after a failure).
Not necessarily. There is the keyword 'failback', which can be set to 
IMMEDIATE, causing all paths to fail back to the original path once it
comes back.

And as you don't actually need to send any commands for facilitate
the failover I doubt you'd need to develop your own hardware handler.

The existing tweaks should be enough, I think.


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