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Re: [dm-devel] BUG in dm/dm-mirror module?

Jonathan Brassow wrote:
On a different topic, why are you mirroring the log? Isn't this somewhat dangerous?

Let's say that the primary copy of the log dies or goes offline. You continue on because the log device is still "good". If your machine crashes and the primary log device is "rediscovered" on bootup, what happens? The contents of the stale side will be copied - resulting in your log not properly reflecting the state of your mirror device and maybe even leaving inconsistencies.

This is a problem with any mirror, not just one holding a mirror log.

You might argue that we should update the metadata to exclude the failed primary at the point of failure. Two things come to mind: 1) log I/O will continue until you take action - leaving you open to the scenario above 2) it would be simpler to just allocate a new log (since you are changing metadata anyway) and initialize the log as "in-sync" if the mirror is already "in-sync".

Yes, once one drive fails, the metadata on the other drive should indicate that the mirror is broken and this is now the most up to date copy.

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