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Re: [dm-devel] dm-rdac not working?

* Chandra Seetharaman

tur checker just sends a test unit ready to see if the path is good. Whereas rdac sends a c9 page inquiry and determines the state of the path.

  Okay.  I'm not really sure if I understand what practical difference
 there is between the two, though...  The TUR check seems to fail like
 it's supposed to if the path goes bad.

That is true. But, I am wondering if what you have is based on the
LSI Engenio based controller (and hence the controller does not
understand the MODE_SELECT command).

  It's an Engenio 3994 that came with a sticker on it that says Sun
 StorageTek 6140.

What mode do you have your storage device configured in ? rdac or AVT

  Host-type "Linux", which means RDAC (AVT is mostly unusable for
 clusters because of all the unwanted volume transfers it causes).  It's
 supposed to be used with LSI's RDAC 09.01.B2.xx driver, but that one
 doesn't work with recent kernels unfortunately.

Where did you get mpath_prio_rdac from ?

In 0.4.7 you could use mpath_prio_tpc instead (it behaves exactly as mpath_prio_rdac in 0.4.8).

  I got it from the 0.4.8 sources - mpath_prio_tpc complained a lot
 about AVT mode being disabled, which screwed up my multipath -ll output
 so I just got the new version instead.

Can you apply the attached debug patch, repeat your test and send me
the log.

  Sure, but I think you forgot to actually attach the patch... (Happens
 to me too all the time!)

Tore Anderson

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