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[dm-devel] Re: bug in dm-loop? - was:Re: Re: device mapper integrated loops - and one more year !

The current development version allocates these structures piecemeal, so
there isn't a single large allocation, rather many small allocations -
this will make problems like this go away (unless you really are out of
ok, i`ll wait for this.

You're particularly likely to see these problems with large images such
as DVD ISOs, as the number of entries in the lookup table is
proportional to the size of the image and the degree of fragmentation of
the filesystem on which it is stored.
uuuhhhhh - mhhhh - this sounds bad, since the testfiles i created were all sized 100k each. i think i need to attach a big disk and create some more big files to test with....

Thanks again for testing!
you`re welcome!

thanks for making dm-loop!


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