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Re: [dm-devel] Re: bug in dm-loop? - was:Re: Re: device mapper

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devzero web de wrote:
>> Again, to keep things simple in the prototype, we grab the biggest
>> possible table size when we create a new device and then re-allocate it
>> to the correct size when we finish building the map - that's what the
>> "Finalized extent map of 56 bytes, 2 entries." messages refer to.
> may this be a reason why dmlosetup seems to be much slower than traditional losetup?
> i did some tests with some larger images (100m, 1gig and 2,5gig) and dmlosetting them up took quite a while.....

Unfortunately, this is a more fundamental aspect of dm-loop. The way the
code achieves better performance than the regular loop driver is by
doing much of the work upfront when a device is first created. This does
mean that initial setup for a loop device takes longer with dm-loop, and
that time is again proportional to the size/fragmentation of the file.

For many filesystems, you can make 'guesses' that will speed things up,
but this comes at a heavy price. Guess wrong and it leads to data
corruption, so this isn't something we'd feel happy about implementing.

>> the code will fail if it needs >2048 table entries to describe the file
>> - - depending on the filesystem used and how fragmented it is this will
>> limit you to files of a few gigabytes. This is another arbitrary limit
>> in this version that will go away in later dm-loop releases.
> indeed, it looks like there is a real hard 2gb limit - i wasn`t able to dmlosetup the 2,5gig files i created

It's not so much a  hard 2gb limit, but on a cleanly created ext3 or
similar fs, it tends to be around that number. Different filesystem
types or fragmentation levels change that number but they all stem from
the same limitation.

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