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RE: RE: [dm-devel] online disk resizing


this is also dependant on the HBA you are using. With a Qlogic adapter
you can simply send an:

echo scsi-qlascan 

to your Qlogic adapter (for example under /proc/scsqi/qla2xxx). This
will make the adapter aware of for example new LUNs that have been

You can then use the rescan-scsi-bus.sh command to rescan your bus and
make the changes known to the OS. After that just do a resize of the fs
on your disk or add them to the LVM or something similar.

Should work like a charm.


> I did the same with HP MSA in the past, but without dm involved.
> You can use "blockdev --rereadpt <blockdevice>" to make the the kernel
> recognise the new disk size (geometery). The nasty thing is that you
> have to stop all I/O to the blocdevice. 
> Roland Mieslinger
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> > hi, list
> > 
> > I have fc-based SAN which has ability to resizing logical 
> > disks online (IBM DS4000). is this a method tell about 
> > resizing to host system (centOS 5) without reboot or echo 
> > "scsi remove(add)-single-device 0 1 2 3"? I use multipath if 
> > this matters. will apprecate any help
> > 
> > alexander
> > 
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