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[dm-devel] Re: dump of ext3 very slow from dm LV

Ross Vandegrift wrote:
I'm seeing speeds in the range of 3-4MiB/s.  If I increase dump's
blocksize to 128KiB records, speed jumps up to about 20KiB/s, which
is better but still frustratingly slow. Going to 1024KiB gets me
about 28MiB/s.

Today I loop mounted a file on my LVM, filled it up with some crap
from urandom and dumped it out. I was able to get 50-60MiB/s.
Is this amount of performance loss due to dm expected? My LV is just two
SATA hard disks that I put into a VG. Stupid benchmarks with dd gives me
a raw read speed from the LV of about 60MiB/sec.

I'm using kernel 2.6.18-4-686 from debian.  Any ideas on what's
slowing down dump?

My first impression is nothing is slowing things down. This all appears normal. Dumping or taring files in the filesystem isn't going to operate near the max sequential throughput of the drive. Also you haven't tested without LVM so you have no basis to assume it is a problem with LVM.

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