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[dm-devel] multipath-tool udev rules require missing dmsetup features


Recently I've been using the latest git versions of multipath-tools and I've
noticed that the udev rules that are included, specifically those for kpartx,
refer to environment variables such as DM_TABLE_STATE, DM_PART, DM_UUID, etc.
However, the kpartx.rules file contains nothing that would bring those
environment variables into the environment.  After some googling, I found
which has a patch that adds a command to dmsetup called 'export'.  I've found
various udev scripts that use this command to pull the environment variables I
listed before for use in udev rules and the multipath-tools kpartx.rules file
itself works perfectly when the correct 'dmsetup export' command is imported.

What really puzzles me is that this patch was very difficult to find, but is
essential to the 'official' multipath-tools udev rules.  Is there something that
I'm missing that makes this all make sense?

Brian De Wolf

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