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RE: [dm-devel] 4k block LUN problem

Hello Alasdair,

I have used tur and this allows the system to boot. When I run "ll
/dev/mpath* I see the dm device created. All appears to be working OK.
Fdisk also reports the same number of devices as paths to the device.  
When I try to make the file system (ext2 or 3) the make fails on writing
super blocks. 

If I remove the multipath.conf file and make a file system on the 4k
block sd device the file system makes and I can read/write to the
device. As soon as try this again with the device-mapper the process

If I reformat the LUN as 512byte blocks the device-mapper works and I
can make the file system.  



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Try using an alternative path checker like tur or directio.

readsector0 seems to have '512' hard-coded - this ought to get fixed.

agk redhat com

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