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RE: [dm-devel] RE: Question about using dmraid45 patch

Brian -

I noticed that things ran much smoother when kernel hacking -> kernel
debug -> Force gcc to inline functions marked 'inline' was checked.

Also, load the dm-raid4-5 module with modprobe

- Eric

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>Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2007 10:04 AM
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>Subject: [dm-devel] Question about using dmraid45 patch
>Hello, I'm new to the dm-devel mail list, so hopefully my question
>get flamed too badly :)
>I need some help with a setup issue in dmraid, specifically raid5. I'm
>trying to use Heinz Mauelshagen's patch for dmraid45 and having
>getting it to compile in the kernel (or as a module). It's been a
>of years since I've worked with Linux, so I might be missing something
>blatantly easy.
>I have downloaded the source for both (which the patch
>specifically applies to) and which RHEL5 uses. When I used the
> kernel I applied the patch, I copied the .config over from the
>kernel directory, and used "menu gconfig" to active (as a module) the
>dmraid45 in device mapper under device drivers. I compiled the kernel,
>copied over the files, edited grub and rebooted into the new
>kernel...all seemed to go fine. I rebooted again when into the OPROM
>setup a raid5 volume (I have the system loaded onto a raid0 volume; the
>system has 5 SATA disks total). After booting back into the new kernel
>ran the command "dmraid -tay" to list my active tables (I hope that's
>the right way to describe it) and got:
>[root localhost ~]# dmraid -tay
>isw_dfbhbdaedb_Volume0: 0 312592896 striped 2 256 /dev/sda 0 /dev/sdb 0
>isw_bffiiabjc_Volume1: 0 312592896 raid45 core 2 65536 nosync raid5_la
>128 3 -1 /dev/sdc 0 /dev/sdd 0 /dev/sde 0
>isw_dfbhbdaedb_Volume01: 0 1108422 linear
>/dev/mapper/isw_dfbhbdaedb_Volume0 63
>isw_dfbhbdaedb_Volume02: 0 2104515 linear
>/dev/mapper/isw_dfbhbdaedb_Volume0 1108485
>isw_dfbhbdaedb_Volume03: 0 309379770 linear
>/dev/mapper/isw_dfbhbdaedb_Volume0 3213000
>I then tried to activate the volumes and got:
>[root localhost ~]# dmraid -ay
>RAID set "isw_dfbhbdaedb_Volume0" already active
>ERROR: device-mapper target type "raid45" not in kernel
>I then used lsmod to see if my module was active and saw this:
>[root localhost ~]# lsmod | grep -e "dm"
>dm_snapshot            48824  0
>dm_zero                35200  0
>dm_mirror              46976  0
>dm_log                 42496  1 dm_mirror
>dm_mod                 92880  17 dm_snapshot,dm_zero,dm_mirror,dm_log
>nothing to do with raid5.
>I ran insmod and got the error::
>[root localhost ~]# insmod
>insmod: error inserting 'drivers/md/dm-raid4-5.ko': -1 Unknown symbol
>I wanted to do a test at this point to see if it might be the kernel
>.config file I had from the RHEL5 release, so I used a fresh
>drop of kernel (the one listed inside the patch code), applied
>the dmraid45 patch, and used "make gconfig" to configure the kernel. I
>went into device drivers and unselected everything except device mapper
>support and the new subcategory of RAID4/5 target to be inserted as
>of the kernel. I even unselected Loadable Module Support just to make
>sure :)
>I then set make to use -d to get a little more info on the error,
>what it showed when trying to compile:
>    Successfully remade target file `drivers/md/xor.o'.
>    Pruning file `FORCE'.
>   Finished prerequisites of target file `drivers/md/built-in.o'.
>  Must remake target `drivers/md/built-in.o'.
>Putting child 0x006bc870 (drivers/md/built-in.o) PID 30056 on the
>Live child 0x006bc870 (drivers/md/built-in.o) PID 30056
>  LD      drivers/md/built-in.o
>drivers/md/dm-mem-cache.o: In function `pl_elem':
>/usr/src/kernels/linux- multiple
>definition of `pl_elem'
>m-cache.h:18: first defined here
>Reaping losing child 0x006bc870 PID 30056
>make[2]: *** [drivers/md/built-in.o] Error 1
>Removing child 0x006bc870 PID 30056 from chain.
>Reaping losing child 0x00697ed0 PID 29856
>make[1]: *** [drivers/md] Error 2
>Removing child 0x00697ed0 PID 29856 from chain.
>Reaping losing child 0x006c4de0 PID 26812
>make: *** [drivers] Error 2
>Removing child 0x006c4de0 PID 26812 from chain.
>Is there something I'm not setting in the build environment to build
>this as part of the kernel or as a module? I looked in the raid4-5
>readme.txt and it just says to apply the patch and have device mapper
>installed (which RHEL5 does). I'm using gnu make version 3.81, gcc
>version 4.1.1, and the version of RHEL5 is x86_64 (I've also tried this
>same operation with i386). As something else to add I've tried this
>entire operation with OpenSuSE 10.2 for x86_64 and i386.
>Thank you for the help,
>Brian Wood
>Intel Corporation
>Digital Enterprise Group
>Manageability & Platform Software Division
>brian j wood intel com
>dm-devel mailing list
>dm-devel redhat com

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