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[dm-devel] Re: dm-multipath MP_RETRY_PG_INIT patch

Jitendra Bhivare wrote:

In dm-multipath framework, using the hw-handler's error-function entry
point, nothing can be known about the reason for IO failure. From this
function MP_FAIL_PATH/MP_BYPASS_PG/MP_ERROR_IO can returned.
If the same path needs to be tried (i.e. in pg_init) to figure out the
reason for failure there is no way to tell that to dm-multipath.

One way to do so, is to return MP_RETRY_PG_INIT from hw_handler's
error function. This would set current_pgpath and current_pg to NULL
which would trigger pg_init. The path won't fail until pg_init says so.

Should this option MP_RETRY_PG_INIT be added to dm-multipath?

I think we need something like it. What hw handler is this for? Dave W, sent a hw handler for old boxes that need START_STOP and he sent a patch which worked like what you describe? Have you seen his patch to this list?

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