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Re: [dm-devel] Does dm handle tape devices?

lemons_terry emc com <lemons_terry emc com> wrote:
> A third application, alas, uses SCSI IDs to refer to the tape devices.
> I've been instructed to seek a persistent naming solution for this
> application, too, one that (hopefully) won't require modification of the
> application.  I started out looking at the QLogic FC HBA's persistence
> capability, and saw that it functions at the target level within a
> single HBA.  But I found that some vendors don't support this method of
> persistence, opting instead to use device mapper.

If the "third application" is wanting a I:T:L nexus for some type of
passthrough SG_IO operation I assume someone must provide the device nodes
to the application to open for its operations (config file??).

Since this is not device mapper specific maybe send me a reply offlist and
maybe I can help guide your request back to the proper list for more

Michael Anderson
andmike linux vnet ibm com

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