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Re: [dm-devel] Possible bug in multipathd (getting a segfault)

* S. J. van Harmelen

> I guess I don't have to do that as I compiled the multipath-tools 
> myself?

Then you should have the debugging symbols in place, yes.

> I did compile them when running the kernel though. Should I 
> recompile them when running the kernel, or doesn't that
> matter?

Doesn't matter.

> Oke, the segfault happens right at the start (and only at the start),
> so that shouldn't be a problem. But I have to stop the running
> mulipathd and that seems like a problem. This machine is running in
> production :)
> So that will have to wait until I get a maintance window I guess...

Stopping multipathd isn't problematic.  It is only responsible for
periodically testing paths to pre-emptively fail non-active paths or
re-instate paths that has been failed by the kernel's dm-multipath layer.

If everything is running stable with all paths alive and well,
restarting multipathd is nothing to worry about.

Tore Anderson

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