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Re: [dm-devel] NIC and HBA based multipathing

I cant say that I have done that all mine are on an iscsi HBA only but, it seems like it should work ..
you will need to have multipathd running, and you will have to setup your
/etc/multipath.conf file correctly for your device(s). Also this goes with out saying each initiator will need the target defined
for their own access.

> rpm -qa | grep multipath
> chkconfig multipathd on

You will also note that your devices will vary /dev/sdX which is fine they will
be "joined" if you will under the /dev/mpath/<whatever-you-called-dev> node.
Which is where you will access the device as well.

On 10/30/07, Scott Moseman <scmoseman gmail com> wrote:
Device-mapper multipathing in RHEL 4

I can (and have) setup a NIC based iSCSI SAN connection.  I can (and
have) setup an HBA based iSCSI SAN connection.  Now I'm trying to get
a machine to connect using multipath with both a NIC and an HBA.  What
are the prerequisites that I should have running before I attempt to
go through the above knowledge base procedure?

I put IPs on both the NIC and HBA on the SAN network.  The SAN is
showing both IPs as trying to access the volume in question.  iscsi-ls
only shows 1 device (/dev/sdb), and it's taking the path through the
NIC to reach the SAN.  I can verify this by watching the SAN volume to
see which of the IP addresses is sending traffic.

Should my HBA show up as another device (/dev/sdc) before I start
attempting to multipath?  Or is multipathd going to link both NIC and
HBA to the /dev/sdb device?


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