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Re: [dm-devel] fdisk on a multipath device fails kernel partition re-read

I alwase use the entire disk .. no partitions, and I usually do mkfs on the underlying /dev/sdX device before
I bother with multipath..
Then I just use the /dev/mapper entries for  actual mounts .. the  underlying FS is already there.
just my .02

mkfs.ext3 -F /dev/sdX

On 9/28/07, David Strand <dpstrand gmail com> wrote:
When I perform an fdisk or sfdisk on a /dev/mapper/ multipath device I
get a warning about it failing to re-read the partition information.
With fdisk it warns that I'll need to reboot before using the device,
with sfdisk it just complains about the ioctl that failed:

Re-reading the partition table ...
BLKRRPART: Invalid argument

Is it possible I have something configured wrong? Or is this a problem
with the way /dev/mapper nodes work? I get the same result when using
/dev/dm-* nodes. With the raw device nodes such as /dev/sd* it works

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