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[dm-devel] Re: Data corruption on software RAID

Mikulas Patocka <mikulas artax karlin mff cuni cz> wrote:
> During source code review, I found an unprobable but possible data 
> corruption on RAID-1 and on DM-RAID-1. (I'm not sure about RAID-4,5,6).
> The RAID code was enhanced with bitmaps in 2.6.13.
> The developers assume that when all writes to the region finish, the 
> region is in-sync.

Just for the records: You don't need bitmaps for that, this happens on
plain non-bitmapped devices as well.
I had an interesting discussion about this with Heinz Mauelshagen on the
linux-raid list back in early 2006 starting with
	Message-ID: <du6t39$be5$1 sea gmane org>

And it's not that unlikely at all. I experience such inconsistencies
regularly on ext2/3 filesystems with heavy inode fluctuations (for
example via cp -al; rsync, like rsnapshot does). I periodically sync
these inconsistencies manual. However, it always seems to appear with
inode removal only, which is rather harmless.

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