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RE: [dm-devel] Custom priority callout

By "faster" I just meant conceptually, fibre->iSCSI HBA->iSCSI software.
I didn't have any intention of actually polling the link somehow. 

And I will absolutely post it back to the list once we get it written, I
already posted the hardware table definition, so that should be working
its way in here. 

Jim Lester

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On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 09:57:22AM -0500, Jim Lester wrote:
> Compellent SANs can do a mix of both Fibre connections and iSCSI
> connections to the same volume. So some of our customers are looking
> ways to do more complex set ups with iSCSI as a failover situation
> behind multiple fibre connections. 

Nice. I would suggest you develop a library implementation and post it
here. This way it could be integrated in all of the Linux distributions
over time and your customers won't have to download a package.

> Multibus works fine if they are using like connections, but if not, we
> wanted to be able to make sure that the faster connections come up on
> top. 

I am curious how you are going to figure this out on the iSCSI
Nop-out latency?

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