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Re: [dm-devel] Re: next-20081125: crypto hard disk gets unaccessable

Andrew Morton wrote:
> (cc's added)
>> After about four suspend & resume operations in the midst of editing
>> a file, the system beeped twice and issued this error:

Did this work before? If so, please can you provide version where
it works?

It is suspend to encrypted swap?

There should not be any recent change in dm-crypt related to this path,
so I expect it is some bug related to suspend/resume in combination with
running crypto - like corruption of some memory caused during suspend...

> [lots of snippage]
>> [69186.618357] RIP: 0010:[<ffffffff8031f246>]  [<ffffffff8031f246>] crypto_xor+0x7/0x48

> [69186.618468]  [<ffffffffa027226a>] ? crypto_cbc_encrypt+0xfa/0x15a [cbc]
> [69186.618481]  [<ffffffffa0285705>] ? aes_encrypt+0x0/0x7 [aes_x86_64]
> [69186.618494]  [<ffffffffa020667d>] ? async_encrypt+0x35/0x3a [crypto_blkcipher]
> [69186.618509]  [<ffffffffa0269a6f>] ? crypt_convert+0x1d2/0x253 [dm_crypt]
> [69186.618522]  [<ffffffffa0269ed6>] ? kcryptd_crypt+0x3e6/0x407 [dm_crypt]
> [69186.618533]  [<ffffffffa0269af0>] ? kcryptd_crypt+0x0/0x407 [dm_crypt]

I assume that crypto run here synchronously (not through asynchronous completion callback).

Herbert - is my guess ok? (The asynchronous handling in dm-crypt was the only part changed recently.)
(And I think that except crypto hw nobody uses asynchronous mode yet by default.)

mbroz redhat com

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