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[dm-devel] Re: dm targets with spaces in the name

Heinz Mauelshagen wrote:
What you describe here, is essentially caused by bogus names in vendor
metadata not being detected and handled properly by dmraid.

Which metadata format is that being caused by ?


Can you send me the metadata sample retrieved via "dmraid -rD"
(bzip2/tar the resulting *.{dat,offset,size} files before sending) ?

See https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dmraid/+bug/299311



Basically the user named his volume "Mother Brain 2" when he created it in the bios, so dmraid tries to create the target "isw_cfebfidbf_Mother Brain 2" which works, but then it can't use that device as the target for the partition linear mapping "isw_cfebfidbf_Mother Brain 21" ( that would be "2p1" but for some reason debian/ubuntu have a patch that removes the p ).

So should you just avoid doing this,

Yes, whitespace is not to be supported in mapped device names.

Why not? File names with spaces in them are valid, even for dev nodes. I can use dmsetup to create a device with a space in the name. It seems like it should then be valid to use that device as a target in another one.

or should the kernel be fixed to understand quotes or backslash escapes or something to allow spaces in the target device file name?

No M$ worries, please ;)

Not sure what you mean there, but I actually took a look at the kernel code, and it was failing to parse the correct number of arguments, but it looks like dm_split_args() DOES understand backslash escaping. When I backslash escape the spaces in the name, it appears to parse the correct number of arguments, yet linear_ctr() still fails with "Device lookup failure".

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