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Re: [dm-devel] SLES installation on dual controller subsystem

Pradipmaya Maharana [pradipmaya gmail com] wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am trying to install SLES 10.1 on my dual controller subsystem. The
> subsystem is ALUA aware and hence shows me 2 LUNs for one while trying
> to install SLES on it.
> If my LUN's preferred controller is 1 then everything goes fine, but
> if the preferred controller of the LUN I am installing OS on is 2,
> then installation goes fine but the boot fails.
> It throws some errors like root (hd1,1) could not found. When I modify
> this to too(hd0,1) it boots fine.

Looks like a GRUB issue to me. Go into grub's interactive/editing mode
while booting and try "root (hd<TAB>), it will tell you what partitions
it sees. My guess is that GRUB can't find your other path and that is
why it can't see (hd1,1). (hd0,1) works because it saw that path.

If that is indeed right, it is a BIOS feature/problem.


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