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[dm-devel] Re: 4KSTACKS + pcdrw + dm + mount -> stack overflow: ide-cd related? dm-related?

On 24 Feb 2008, Peter Osterlund told this:

> Nix <nix esperi org uk> writes:
>> But while I'd normally blame pktcdvd there's only one pktcdvd function
>> in these tracebacks (pkt_open) and it's not got a significant stack
>> footprint.
> Did you verify that with "make checkstack" or just by looking at the
> source code? On my system, pkt_open() consumes 584 bytes because the
> compiler decides to inline lots of functions that would not normally
> be part of long call chains. The following patch fixes that problem on
> my system.

I just looked at the source; I forgot `make checkstack' existed.

On this system:

0xc0263e0f pkt_open [vmlinux]:                          556

which is nearly as bad.

(As an aside, I'm surprised I didn't oops when packet-writing as well:

0xc021270d udf_process_sequence [vmlinux]:              692
0xc020f43d udf_add_entry [vmlinux]:                     628

owch. I guess that's called via a shorter call chain...)

I'll try the patch after this series of backups is done :)

`The rest is a tale of post and counter-post.' --- Ian Rawlings
                                                   describes USENET

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