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Re: [dm-devel] boot from san & lvm

Urs Golla [urs golla gmail com] wrote:
> Hi
> I would like to boot RHEL5 from SAN. If I install with the "mpath"
> parameter I can see the mapper/mpath0 device and the installation
> completes without any errors.
> It boots from SAN and everything looks ok (well, lets say its
> working). If i add this lines to /etc/lvm/lvm.conf
> types = [ "device-mapper", 1]
> "filter = [ "a/dev/mpath/.*/", "r/.*/" ]"

Try "mapper" instead of "mpath" above to handle partitions on your

> and remove the blacklist lines from /etc/multipath.conf as described
> in the "Native Multipath Failover Based on DM-MPIO for v2.6.x Linux
> Kernel and EMC(R) Storage Arrays" manual the pvscan command returns
> with " No matching physical volumes found". Why?
> If I remove the filter line from lvm.conf the pvscan & pvdisplay
> command returns:
> (...)
> PV Name               /dev/mapper/mpath0p2
> (...)
> Why is it using mpath0p2 and not mpath0? /dev/mapper/mpath0 does exist
> and points to the right disks, because "multipath -ll" gives me
> something like that:

You must be having partitions on your disk (either you did or the
installer did for you).

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