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Re: [dm-devel] Configuring multipath for root device

I did exactly what you said for SLES 10.1,
- Create custom partition
- Created partitions for /boot, / and swap of 100MB, 5GB and 1024MB
respectively on /dev/sda. So /dev/sda1 is for "/boot", /dev/sda2 for
"/" and /dev/sda3 for "swap"
- Under fstab option, selected Mount by device-id for each of the partition
- Reboot is fine
- But as I said earlier, mount, fstab, everything shows devcie names, not id

Any way to mount it by device-id?
Is there a way that it can be chaned after installation? Or re-install
is the only way.


On Jan 7, 2008 12:46 PM,  <malahal us ibm com> wrote:
> Pradipmaya Maharana [pradipmaya gmail com] wrote:
> > I followed the instruction for SLES, that is, while installing,
> > selected the option for mounting the device by "device id" but after
> > reboot mount, fstab shows device names, like /dev/sda2, etc.
> > What am I missing.
> That is odd. You will have to select "device id" for each file system
> including swap. I only used 'expert partition' on SLES10 SP1 installs
> and it put everything with ID names.
> -Malahal.
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