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Re: [dm-devel] possible snapshot corruption after system crash with bad timing

Lars Ellenberg wrote:
hi there,

I suspect that when using persistent snapshots,
there is the (off?) chance for the snapshot to be corrupted
after a system crash.

I hope someone can answer this, as I use persistent snapshots heavily for LiveUSB persistence (rootfs on a persistent snapshot (on usbflash))

Currently things seem to be working fairly well for me, wheras about 6 months ago I would see corruption if I intentionally crashed the system to see how it would respond.

Still, this post worries me.  I hope someone else answers it.


scenario described below.

Am I missing somthing?


from current dm-exception-store.c:

static void persistent_commit(struct exception_store *store,
			      struct dm_snap_exception *e,
			      void (*callback) (void *, int success),
			      void *callback_context)
	int r;
	unsigned int i;
	struct pstore *ps = get_info(store);
	struct disk_exception de;
	struct commit_callback *cb;

	de.old_chunk = e->old_chunk;
	de.new_chunk = e->new_chunk;
	write_exception(ps, ps->current_committed++, &de);

	 * Add the callback to the back of the array.  This code
	 * is the only place where the callback array is
	 * manipulated, and we know that it will never be called
	 * multiple times concurrently.
	cb = ps->callbacks + ps->callback_count++;
	cb->callback = callback;
	cb->context = callback_context;

	 * If there are no more exceptions in flight, or we have
	 * filled this metadata area we commit the exceptions to
	 * disk.
	if (atomic_dec_and_test(&ps->pending_count) ||
	    (ps->current_committed == ps->exceptions_per_area)) {
		r = area_io(ps, ps->current_area, WRITE);
		if (r)
			ps->valid = 0;

assume we crash right after we completely filled the current area,
but before we had a chance to zero out the next area.

further assume there has been old data garbage in the
area mapped for this exception store.

after reboot, the snapshot will be reassembled,
but may not find the necessary zeros to terminate the read_exceptions loop in insert_exceptions,
thus may dm_add_exception bogus mappings,
aka data corruption.


		 * Have we completely filled the current area ?
		if (ps->current_committed == ps->exceptions_per_area) {
			ps->current_committed = 0;
			r = zero_area(ps, ps->current_area + 1);
			if (r)
				ps->valid = 0;

		for (i = 0; i < ps->callback_count; i++) {
			cb = ps->callbacks + i;
			cb->callback(cb->context, r == 0 ? 1 : 0);

		ps->callback_count = 0;

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