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Re: [dm-devel] multipath device name

malahal us ibm com wrote:

> Erez Zilber [erezz voltaire com] wrote:
>>>>> If it worked, it should be /dev/mapper/red, but I have a suspicion that it
>>>>> didn't work for you based on your above 'multipath -l' output.
>>>> No, it didn't work. Do I need to do anything special to make it work?
>>> Did you remove the old device and re-run 'multipath' after making that
>>> change to multipath.conf?
>> Do you mean 'multipath -F'? I did that and then ran ' multipath -p failover'.
> Yes, I meant the above. Check if you have any problems with your
> multipath.conf file. Make sure you enclose "multipath {}" within
> "multipaths {}" block. Run 'multipath -t' and make sure your changes are
> listed in its output.
> What is your multipath.conf file?
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I made some changes in the conf file and some more changes in the iSCSI
initiator conf file, and it work ok now.


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