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RE: [dm-devel] logical volumes not being detected

I'm not familiar with ubuntu. In SLES one has to enable the boot.lvm script which runs vgscan and vgchange to detect and enable the PV's, VG's and their LV's.

Try manually running vgscan and then vgchange -a y
and see if that helps.
good luck.

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Subject: [dm-devel] logical volumes not being detected
Hello, this is my first posting here and I'm sorry if this has already been 
discused. All I want to know is what other modules/libraries other than the 
device-mapper kernel module, lvm2 and the devmapper library do I need in 
order to have my logical volumes detected.
here's my setup: one 160GB sata2 hdd; one 320GB sata2 hdd; a minimal 
version of ubuntu (installed from debootstrap) and a custom compiled kernel 
version 2.6.26 (I should mention that the kernel doesn't contain all of the 
modules - I wanted it to provide only the features I need). I have created a 
physical volume, volume group and logical volume from another ubuntu 
installation. It is detected while using the live cd, and also if I 
boot the minimal ubuntu with another kernel that has a full set of 

regards, Eduard

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