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Re: [dm-devel] Strange DM issue on boot

Charles Polk wrote:
The controllers are not happy with the panging on the controllers.

Should I not be using the default settings in the /etc/multipath.conf? Are there any specific settings that need to be configured to use multipathd with an HDS AMS1000 array?

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Subject: [dm-devel] Strange DM issue on boot

EL 5.2
Hitachi AMS1000 array
Qlogic HBA (qla2xxx driver)

I am seeing a strange issue when rebooting a server connected to the AMS1000 disk array. If I have a mount point defined in /etc/fstab that points to a mulitpathe device I receive the following error:

error calling out /sbin/mpath_prio_hds_modular 8:32

That error would seem to indicate a path failure, but if I remove the entry from /etc/fstab and reboot I am able to mount the device from the command line. I have tried to include the qlogic driver in the initrd, but that did help in any way. Are the dm-multipath drivers loading at the incorrect time? Has anyone ever encountered this before?



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