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[dm-devel] iobandctl (a utility tool for dm-ioband) update

Hi all,

iobandctl has been updated to v0.0.3.
This version of iobandctl enables you:
 To use the configuration files to configure I/O bandwidth control settings,
 To apply I/O bandwidth control to multiple disks which share the I/O
 To apply the new bandwidth control policy which has been implemented on
 dm-ioband v1.0.0.
See http://people.valinux.co.jp/~kaizuka/dm-ioband/iobandctl/
for more details.

iobandctl is an administration tool to realize disk I/O bandwidth control
using dm-ioband, which is an I/O bandwidth controller implemented as a
device-mapper driver. You can find dm-ioband at:

Changes from previous version:
* Configuration file support
 o config subcommand is added.
 o It is possible to configure your I/O bandwidth control settings
   using your configuration file.
* Multiple disks support
 o −−bind option is added on "create" subcommand.
 o It is possible to apply I/O bandwidth control to multiple disks
   which share the I/O bandwidth.
 o It's certain that two or more Logical Units contained in the same
   SCSI target device share the I/O bandwidth. You are able to distribute the
   bandwidth among the partitions involved in these Logical Units.
* New bandwidth control policy support
 o policy subcommand is added.
 o The new policy "weight-iosize" do I/O bandwidth control based on
   the size of I/Os instead of the number of I/Os, which is the existing and
   default policy named "weight-iocount".
* Particular devices name support such as certain raid devices
 o Support for logical drive names such as "/dev/cciss/c1d0" and
   raid device names such as "/dev/md0".
 o This simply means that iobandctl has come to treat such names
   properly now, though it couldn't do that in previous version.
 o It needs you to understand which device share the I/O bandwidth
   with which other device, and configure proper settings using --bind option.

KAIZUKA Hiroyuki

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