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[dm-devel] [RFC PATCH 0/13] dm headers: move headers to include/linux

Hi Alasdair,

this is a series of 13 patches, which move dm-{io,log}.h and kcopyd.h to
include/linux, renaming the later to dm-kcopyd.h, to better allow for their
interfaces to be sharable beyond the scope of Device-Mapper.

Structure and function identifiers (e.g. io_region -> dm_io_region)
get a "dm_", macros a "DM_" prefix respectively.

Existing callers are adjusted to use the new structure/function/macro names.

The Makefile now generates dm-{io,kcopyd,log} as kmods.
This potentially needs a future change in case of a static kernel *and*
more callers sharing the dm-{io,kcopyd,log} modules.

dm_disk(), which belongs to our external interface since long time, is
exported now to allow for future callers to actually be able to access it.

If acceptable, please apply.

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