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[dm-devel] dm-rdac problem


I'm having a problem with getting dm-rdac to work. I do realize that this is a development list, but it seems like the only place to ask for help, and http://christophe.varoqui.free.fr is down. In the logs i get the following errors, after starting multipathd:

device-mapper: multipath rdac: using RDAC command with timeout 60000
device-mapper: table: 253:0: multipath: Unknown error
device-mapper: ioctl: error adding target to table

multipath -ll doesn't show anything.

The system is the following:
- centos 5.1, with kernel changed to vanilla
- tried both multipath-tools from centos (patched 0.4.7), and vanilla 0.4.8
- 2 qlogic QLA2340 hba's, connected to different fabrics
- 2 IBM DS4500 Storage Servers (each connected to both fabrics), each exports two luns, one 1.5TB lun, and one 100MB lun. I've also tried using one IBM DS4500 Storage Server with one 1.5TB lun, and one 100MB lun.

If i disable AVT (change the host type from Linux to LNXCLVMWARE) i also get read errors from unavaliable paths:
end_request: I/O error, dev sda, sector 0
end_request: I/O error, dev sdd, sector 0
etc... (this is normal).

I can get multipath to work using the tur checker.

my /etc/multipath.conf is the following:
defaults {
   multipath_tool "/sbin/multipath -v 0 -S"
   udev_dir         /dev
   polling_interval 10
   default_selector         round-robin
   default_selector_args 0
   default_path_grouping_policy     failover
   default_getuid_callout "/sbin/scsi_id -g -u -s"
   default_prio_callout     "/bin/false"
user_friendly_names yes
devnode_blacklist {
   devnode fd
   devnode hd
   devnode dm
   devnode sr
   devnode scd
   devnode st
   devnode ram
   devnode raw
   devnode loop
#root fs is on /dev/rd/c0d0
#   devnode sda
#   devnode sdb

devices {
   device {
      vendor IBM
      product 1742-900
      path_grouping_policy group_by_prio
hardware_handler        "1 rdac"
prio_callout            "/sbin/mpath_prio_rdac /dev/%n"
                failback                immediate
      path_checker rdac
getuid_callout          "/sbin/scsi_id -g -u -s /block/%n"

multipaths {
        multipath {
                device {
                        vendor IBM
                        product 1742-900

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