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Re: [dm-devel] Linux utility to determine WWN from a LUN number

Chip Coldwell wrote:
> On Fri, 14 Mar 2008, Hannes Reinecke wrote:
>> BTW: what is the main reason for scsitool?
> The main idea with scsitool is to be able to select, sort and output
> properties of SCSI disks.  The properties it supports are
> --devname (sda, sdb, etc.)
> --hbtl (host:bus:target:lun nexus)
> --wwid
> --target-wwnn
> --target-wwpn
> --host-wwnn
> --host-wwpn
> --vendor
> --model
> --driver (e.g. lpfc, qla2xxx)
[ .. ]
Ah, I see. So basically combining lsscsi and scsi_id.

>> Does it have features which scsi_id and sg3_utils are missing?
> I think the answer, in a mathematical sense, is "no".  However, I
> found it so cumbersome to combine the existing tools in scripts that
> it was worthwhile for me to write a new one from scratch.  In
> addition, in deployments with thousands of LUNs, I think combining the
> existing tools in scripts can turn out to be rather slow.
So the logical choice would be to include scsitool in sg3_utils,
I believe. And scsi_id, too, for good measure. Just so that we're
on one page with generating unique identifiers for udev :-)

As already mentioned, I'm not especially partial as to _where_
scsi_id is kept. I'd happily move it over to sg3_utils.


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