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[dm-devel] failover does not work with rdac device handler

Hi All,

I am new to the device mapper and just thought I will set-up device mapper on our arrays. I am using the latest kernel 2.6.27.rc6 and got the latest multipath-tools from upstream.

I updated /etc/multipath.conf with all the information (vendor, product, hardware_handler, prio etc  ...). Note that my device is not part of rdac_dev_list.

Discovery worked fine. "multipath -ll" displays all the information. I can see that it is picking up rdac device handler.

But I found that for some reason failover/failback is not working.  I am seeing following these messages.

"device-mapper: multipath: Cannot failover device because scsi_dh_rdac was not loaded."

I can see that scsi_dh_rdac driver is already loaded.

I did some more investigation. Found that failover works fine if I add vendor, model in rdac_dev_list (in file scsi_dh_rdac.c).

My question - is it required to add all the supported vendor and model names in rdac_dev_list?

Appreciate your responses.

Babu Moger

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