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[dm-devel] [git pull] device-mapper patches for 2.6.28

Please pull from:


to get the following device-mapper patches for 2.6.28:
Alasdair G Kergon (2):
      dm crypt: remove inc_pending from write_io_submit
      dm: detect lost queue

Benjamin Marzinski (1):
      dm mpath: use more error codes

Jonathan Brassow (1):
      dm raid1: kcopyd should stop on error if errors handled

Kiyoshi Ueda (1):
      dm mpath: remove is_active from struct dm_path

Mikulas Patocka (6):
      dm exception store: introduce area_location function
      dm exception store: use chunk_t for_areas
      dm: export struct dm_dev
      dm: publish dm_get_mapinfo
      dm: publish dm_table_unplug_all
      dm: publish dm_vcalloc

Milan Broz (7):
      dm crypt: tidy inc pending
      dm crypt: tidy crypt alloc
      dm crypt: tidy write loop pending
      dm crypt: move dec_pending on error into write_io_submit
      dm crypt: fix async inc_pending
      dm crypt: tidy ctx pending
      dm crypt: avoid unnecessary wait when splitting bio

 drivers/md/dm-crypt.c           |  109 +++++++++++++++++++++++---------------
 drivers/md/dm-exception-store.c |   29 +++++++----
 drivers/md/dm-ioctl.c           |    4 +-
 drivers/md/dm-mpath.c           |   35 +++++++------
 drivers/md/dm-mpath.h           |    2 -
 drivers/md/dm-raid1.c           |    4 +-
 drivers/md/dm-table.c           |   97 ++++++++++++++++++++++------------
 drivers/md/dm.h                 |   10 +---
 include/linux/device-mapper.h   |   18 ++++++-
 9 files changed, 190 insertions(+), 118 deletions(-)

agk redhat com

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