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[dm-devel] merging dm-ioband into Linux

Hi Alasdair,

As you know, I have been developing a block I/O bandwidth controller
on Linux. Now, I have almost finished implementation of the features
and I think I have fixed all the points that you suggested.

For the next step, I would like many people to use dm-ioband in
various environments such as with a high-end storage, with a solid
state drive and so, so that I will be able to get a lot of feedback
from them to improve and enhance the controller.

So, would you consider merging the dm-ioband patch into Linux
kernel as one of device mapper modules? I think it is not hard to
merge the code, because dm-ioband doesn't touch any existing code
except Makefile and Kconfig files placed in drivers/md directory.
You can get the patch from the following URL:

I would really appreciate it if you would reply me anything.

Ryo Tsuruta

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