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[dm-devel] Re: [PATCH 0/2] dm-ioband: I/O bandwidth controller v1.8.0: Introduction

Hi, Ryo Tsuruta

I am trying to install your new released dm-ioband v1.8.0
I/O bandwidth controller v1.8.0 could be adjusted to  the latest
stable kernel
it was good news for me
but, I had a problem when I try to patch bio-cgroup files to  stable
many patch failure and hunk messages were occured.

Can you check bio-cgroup patch files against stable kernel

If the dm-ioband and bio-cgroup patches had different base kernel, i
think it is not natural.
I think it is more reasonable to release dm-ioband and bio-cgroup
patches in pair.
In my situation, both direct IO and buffered IO are same important.

thank you

Dong-Jae Kang

2008/10/17 Ryo Tsuruta <ryov valinux co jp>:
> Hi Alasdair and all,
> This is the dm-ioband version 1.8.0 release.
> Dm-ioband is an I/O bandwidth controller implemented as a device-mapper
> driver, which gives specified bandwidth to each job running on the same
> physical device.
> This release is a minor bug fix and confirmed running on the latest
> stable kernel
> - Can be applied to the kernel and 2.6.27-rc5-mm1.
> - Changes from 1.7.0 (posted on Oct 3, 2008):
>  - Fix a minor bug in io_limit setting that causes dm-ioband to stop
>    issuing I/O requests when a large value is set to io_limit.
> Alasdair, could you please review this patch and give me any comments?
> Thanks,
> Ryo Tsuruta
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