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Re: [dm-devel] Re: [BUG] dm-mpath and scsi persistent reservation

James Bottomley wrote:
I don't see how we could use a device handler to translate an scsi error
code from a write io submitted to the multipath device map. Do you ?

Well, there is a problem.  Reservation Conflict should be treated as a
device error and passed straight up ... it shouldn't really have any
effect on dm mp because a path switch is unlikely to fix any issues.  So
dm mp shouldn't be intercepting this type of error at all.

I think what Christophe was asking for is something like this:

[RFC PATCH 1/4] convert block layer drivers to blkerr
[RFC PATCH 2/4] convert dm to blkerr error values
[RFC PATCH 3/4] convert dm-multipath to blkerr error
[RFC PATCH 4/4] convert scsi to blkerr error values

something that allows lower layers to give the upper layers some extra info. In the patches the scsi layer would return a fatal device error, and device mapper multipath would see that and just fail the IO instead of retrying on a new path.

I do not like my implementation in those patches, but I did not have time in the past to rework them. I can now though if you guys have any comments. I am really struggling on the definition of the block layer errors codes and what info they should convey. For example I was not sure if they should they give a hint about if the error is fatal or retryable like in the patches above or should they describe what happened?

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