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[dm-devel] Re: 2.6.27-rc5-mmotm0829 - lvm issues at boot, possible disk_devt() related?

Valdis Kletnieks vt edu wrote:
> I bisected this down to the 08/28 version of linux-next.patch that was in
> mmotm-0829.  27-rc3-mmotm0814 works fine.
> System boots, loads the initrd, starts running.  The initrd tries to run lvm
> to find my root file system (the one drive has sda1 a small /boot, and sda2
> is the rest of the disk, and LVM space).  Every single partition complains:
> device-mapper: core: bdget failed in dm_suspend
> device-mapper: resume ioctl failed: invalid argument
> Unable to resume Volgroup00-root (254:0)
> and repeats the 3 lines with different Volgroup-foo and 254:N values for
> each LVM logical volume.  After this, it rolls over and dies because it
> didn't find the root filesystem.  
> This is with an initrd build with Fedora Rawhide current as of last night.
> Using an older initrd that's been working just fine for several releases
> just silently hangs around the lvm startup. (My initrd config does not include
> any .ko files, just nash and lvm and similar early-userspace stuff).
> Any ideas?  Am willing to try patches/debugging code, if anybody can think
> what I should be instrumenting to get more info.
> My gut feeling is an issue in Tejun Heo's patches to implement extended dev
> numbers - one of these two or a related patch:

Yeah, I made a mistake converting two of them and devt lookup fails when
the disk is zero sized.  Bartlomiej debugged the problem and posted a
patch and I followed up with an updated patch.  It should be fine in the
next round.


If you're seeing other problems, please let me know.



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