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[dm-devel] Re: [PATCH] dm: Add support for data integrity to DM

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Morton <akpm linux-foundation org> writes:

Sorry about the delayed response.  I'm still on the road after LPC.

Andrew> For better or for worse, the developers of dm.c have chosen to
Andrew> keep the whole file presentable in an 80-col display.  This
Andrew> patch breaks that, and they might not like this.

I've broken the lines.

[Excessive BUG_ONs]

Andrew> This will provide no more information than the oops which will
Andrew> happen two lines later.

Debugging debris.  Gone.

>> +struct request_queue *dm_queue(struct mapped_device *md)
>> +{
>> +    return md->queue;
>> +}

Andrew> This (unused, undocumented) function should be inlined.

 - It's not unused.

 - return md->queue is more descriptive than anything I could possibly
   put in a comment.

 - None of the other accessor functions in DM are inlined.  I'll let
   Alasdair decide.

Updated patches follow.

Martin K. Petersen      Oracle Linux Engineering

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