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[dm-devel] [git pull] device-mapper fixes for 2.6.30-rc2

Please pull from:

  master.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/agk/linux-2.6-dm.git master

to get the following device-mapper fixes for 2.6.30-rc2:

1) Fix a kcopyd race.
2) Support bio integrity.
3) Support barrier bios such that dm will no longer issue -EOPNOTSUPP in
response to an unsupported barrier but will instead emulate the barrier
internally.  This finally gets us the long-overdue replacement for the
issue_flush_fn that was removed oh-I-can't-remember-when...
(Split into 7 bisectable patches for readability.)

Alasdair G Kergon (3):
      dm: rearrange dm_wq_work
      dm: split DMF_BLOCK_IO flag into two
      dm: simplify dm_request loop

Martin K. Petersen (1):
      dm: add integrity support

Mikulas Patocka (6):
      dm: remove limited barrier support
      dm: rework queueing and suspension
      dm: remove dm_request loop
      dm: implement basic barrier support
      dm kcopyd: prepare for callback race fix
      dm kcopyd: fix callback race

 drivers/md/dm-ioctl.c         |   21 +++++
 drivers/md/dm-kcopyd.c        |   23 +++--
 drivers/md/dm-linear.c        |    1 -
 drivers/md/dm-table.c         |   59 ++++++++----
 drivers/md/dm.c               |  199 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------
 drivers/md/dm.h               |    1 -
 include/linux/device-mapper.h |    1 -
 7 files changed, 218 insertions(+), 87 deletions(-)
agk redhat com

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