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[dm-devel] DM-RAID1 data corruption


This is the scenario of data corruption that I was talking about:

Mirror has two legs, 0 and 1 and a log. Disk 0 is the default.

A write is propagated to both legs. The write fails on leg 0 and succeeds 
on leg 1.

The function "write_callback" puts the bio to "failure" list (if 
errors_handled was true). It also wakes userspace.

do_failures pops the bios from ms->log_failure and calls dm_rh_mark_nosync 
on them to mark the region nosync. dm_rh_mark_nosync completes the bio 
with success.

*the computer crahes* (before the userspace daemon had a chance to run)

On next reboot, disk is 0 revived (suppose that it temporarily failed 
because of a loose cable, overheating, insufficient power or so, and the 
condition is repaired), raid1 sees set bit in the dirty bitmap and starts 
copying data from disk 0 to disk 1.

The result: write bio was ended as succes, but the data was lost. For 
databases, this might have bad consequences - committed transactions being 


If the above scenario can't happen, pls. describe why.

What would be a possible way to fix this?

Delay all bios until the userspace code removes the failed mirror?
Or store the number of the default mirror in the log?


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