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RE: [dm-devel] FS directly on top of dm devices?

Partitioning and LVM is optional, depends upon what you want to accomplish.
Sometimes I make the file system directly on the multipathed device, as in
mkfs /dev/mapper/mpatha

Other than having more paths to the LUN it's no different then making a file system on an unpartitioned scsi device as in
mkfs /dev/sda

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> Subject: [dm-devel] FS directly on top of dm devices?
> We recently had an engineer from a large storage vendor suggest that we
> make our file systems directly onto the multipathed devices without
> first creating underlying partitions or using LVM.  Having not run with
> this method in production before, we would like to gather as much
> information as possible first. Initial searches for documentation on
> this method has produced few results, short of a Suse/Novell document
> from 2005 under section 4:
> http://support.novell.com/techcenter/sdb/en/2005/04/sles_multipathing.h
> tml
> Does anyone have any experience with this or can point us to more
> documentation. thoughts or recommendations?
> Thanks,
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> Scott A Dungan
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