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Re: [dm-devel] Sun StorageTek 2530 and dm?

On Mon, 24 Aug 2009 18:58:24 -0400 (EDT)
Charlie Brady <charlieb-dm-devel budge apana org au> wrote:

> Chandra says that the patch won't help you. Perhaps he can clarify.
> My understanding is that if you configure multipath to use RDAC that
> the driver does have to be patched so that the RDAC handler will be
> used. I did find that to be the case with the StorageTek 2510
> "LCMS100_I").
> My understanding also is that RDAC is superior, so RDAC hander
> support is desirable.

Is it enough to just add a new line to the list of the devices? For

const struct scsi_dh_devlist rdac_dev_list[] = {
        {"IBM", "1722"},
        {"IBM", "1724"},
        {"IBM", "1726"},
        {"IBM", "1742"},
        {"IBM", "1814"},
        {"IBM", "1815"},
        {"IBM", "1818"},
        {"IBM", "3526"},
        {"SGI", "TP9400"},
        {"SGI", "TP9500"},
        {"SGI", "IS"},
        {"STK", "OPENstorage D280"},
        {"SUN", "CSM200_R"},
        {"SUN", "LCSM100_F"},
        {"SUN", "LCSM100_I"},
        {"SUN", "LCSM100_S"},
        {NULL, NULL},


> > Sorry, I'm easily flammable...
> You would be wise to control your urges, if you wish people to help
> you.

Well you misunderstood me both - I was just bashing around, and nothing
was said at neither yours neither his account. It was just because this
project I'm working on is taking so so so long :( This is like 10th
problem I've encountered that is out of my order, and the amount of
user-hours has already 3-4x exceeded the amount of money project
brings :( So I'm really really... angry :-/

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