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[dm-devel] Re: [Test Result] I/O bandwidth Control by dm-ioband - partition-based environment

Hi Dong-Jae,

# I've added dm-devel to Cc:.

Dong-Jae Kang <baramsori72 gmail com> wrote:
> Hi Ryo
> I attached new test result file(ioband-partition-based-evaluation.xls)in
> this mail.

Thanks for your great job.

> In this time, it is not virtualization environment.
> I evaluated partition-based use cases before I do it in vitualization
> environment.
> because I think the two cases are smilar each other.
> The detailed information about the evaluation can be referred in attached
> file.
> If you have any questions or comments after examine it,
> please give me your opinion.

I would like to know the throughput without dm-ioband in your
environment. Because the total throughput of range-bw policy is
8000KB/s, which means the device has a capability to perform over
8000KB/s, but the total throughput of weight policy is lower than
the range-bw policy. In my environment, there is no significant
difference in average throughput between with and without dm-ioband.
I ran fio in the way described in your result file. Here are the
results of my environment. The throughputs were calculated from
"iostat -k 1" outputs.

            buffered write test
           Avg. throughput [KB/s]
        w/o ioband     w/ioband
sdb2         14485         5788
sdb3         12494        22295
total        26979        28030

Ryo Tsuruta

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