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[dm-devel] Shared snapshots


I uploaded new shared snapshots here:


- Broken to separate patches, one patch per file. The last patch adds all 
the files to Makefile and makes it all compile. It allows you to ack 
patches individually. I didn't use stubs to compile intermediate patches, 
the problem is that if multiple patches modify the same file, general 
modifications to the code become harder. With one-patch-per-file I can 
edit it with normal text editor and quilt regenerates the patches.

- Document on-disk format in dm-multisnap-mikulas-struct.h

- More functions are commented

- Removed /*printk ... */ statements. I left some #ifdefed debug routines, 
they are non-trivial to write again

- Fixed a bug on big-endian systems

- Exposed interface for snapshots-of-snapshots, tested that they work


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