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Re: [dm-devel] Patchwork and patch flow

Hi Jonathan and Alasdair,

Thanks for your advices.

> > To add a Tested-by tag, how much test do we actually need?
> > We've already done several tests of dm-ioband:
> >  Proportional I/O bandwidth controlling
> >  Loading/unloading driver and changing settings while under I/O load
> >  Bounds checking of setting parameters
> >  Benchmarks
> > Do you think these are enough for adding the tag?
> > It's very difficult for me to determine whether it's qualified or not.
> > It would be helpful if you could give me some advice.
> Interesting question...  If it was me, I'd like to see exactly what
> you wrote above.  State that you tested it and how you tested it. If
> there are a number of people who test it and the things they
> describe offer a broad spectrum of tests, I think that's helpful.
> Also, if extra testing is wanted, it can be suggested based on what
> tests have been performed.

O.K. I will post my test items and results on my website sometime

> The key thing I'm looking for in Tested-By is independence from
> the original developers.

I think so. I hope someone will do the test by posting my test items.

Ryo Tsuruta

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