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Re: [dm-devel] RE: Temporarily squelching multipathd errors

> I'm not in this test.  Since all this takes around 20 seconds, I can
> immediately mount the LUN again on the server with any SCSI devices
> permanently disappearing.
> Would you like me to:
> A) Umount the filesystem
> B) Perform a 'dmsetup remove mpath33'
> C) Delete all SCSI devices via /sys/block/$device/delete
> D) Tell the storage unit to unpresent and delete the LUN
> E) Optionally do a SCSI rescan to clear everything out
> F) Tell the storage unit to create the LUN with the same WWID and SCSI
> ID
> G) Perform a SCSI rescan
> H) Do a multipath -v3 to get the maps back (?)
> I) Fsck and mount the filesystem?
> I believe I get the same results as what I pasted, but will prove it if
> need be.

Please do. Step B might be unnecessary as multipathd will figure out that
devices are gone (by step C) and start removing the block devices from the

> BTW, I do a SCSI rescan with the HP Fibreutils package (hp_rescan -a),
> which basically does a "echo "- - -" >
> /sys/class/scsi_host/${INST}/scan" and removes devices with "echo "scsi
> remove-single-device $INST 0 $j $k" > /proc/scsi/scsi"

You only need to do the first step: echo "- - -"  > /sys/class/scsi/host/hostX/scan

> Thanks,
> Daniel
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