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Re: [dm-devel] blk_abort_queue on failed paths?

Mike Christie wrote:
adding linux-scsi and Mike Anderson

David Strand wrote:
After updating to kernel 2.6.28 I found that when I performed some
cable break testing during device i/o, I would get unwanted device or
host resets. Ultimately I traced it back to this patch:


The call to blk_abort_queue causes the block layer to call
scsi_times_out for pending i/o, which can (or will) ultimately lead to
device, and/or bus and/or host resets, which of course cause all the
other devices significant disruption.

What driver were you using?

Oh yeah, I do not think this should happen in new kernels if the driver is failing the IO with DID_TRANSPORT_DISRUPTED when it is deleting the rport. That should cause the IO to requeue and wait for fast io fail to fire.

Maybe we just need to convert some more drivers?

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